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  • Reaction time measured in milliseconds

  • Daily, Monthly, and All-Time High Score pages

  • 21-Day Basic Training program

  • Application-Specific Training

  • BrainDiary

  • Unlimited exercise/play

  • Support
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    Comprehensive Guide

    MyBrainTrainer.com contains numerous short yet challenging exercises, together with innumerable ways to analyze your results, plus numerous useful related features. This narrative provides the member with a comprehensive guide to the site. We suggest you print out this section and refer to it frequently during your first few visits so you can quickly learn to take advantage of all we have to offer.

    Download this Guide in Word Format (23.5k)

    Download the Comprehensive Guide, Exercise Detail, plus FAQs in PDF Format (233k)

    Member Home Page
    After you log in, you're taken to the Member Home Page. At the top of this page, you'll see our BrainFlash, which provides notice of anything new and noteworthy on the site, such as the addition of a new feature, an interesting discussion on the BrainBoard, etc. At the bottom of this Member Home Page, you'll find a display of the all-time highest scores for each of the exercises.
    Exercise Home Pages
    If you wish to perform an exercise (and that's what most members are here to do), merely click on that exercise in the right-hand navigational bar, and you'll be taken to the appropriate Exercise Home Page. From this Home Page, you may do many things. If you're not yet familiar with the exercise, you should click on the Instructions link, and we'll provide you with the nature of the exercise, its relevance to everyday life and a set of detailed instructions. If you are familiar with the exercise, then merely click on the Red Start Button to begin. Upon completion of the exercise, you'll be returned automatically to the Exercise Home Page, where the scores for your overall Performance and the various Components of Performance will be displayed. For an Explanation of Performance and Components, just click on the link of the same name located below your scores.

    Directly under the display of your scores, you will see a link for Trial-by-Trial Analysis, which details the individual trials in the exercise you answered correctly and incorrectly, and the associated reaction time, perceptual threshold and memory capacity for each, as applicable.

    At the bottom of the Exercise Home Page, we provide a graphical presentation of your Performance over time - current, previous, average of last 10, first, and all-time best.

    In the navigational bar at the top of the Exercise Home Page directly under the exercise name, you'll find the following links, in addition to the Instructions link described above:

    • History - provides a comparative analysis of your Performance and each of its components for the last 20 times you performed this exercise.
    • Highest Scores - displays the ten highest scores for the given exercise during the past 24 hours, the past month and all-time. By clicking on the appropriate links, you may also see your ten highest scores for the same time periods and the ten highest scores for individuals of your age, your occupation, and those who are in your Exercise Groups (discussed below). Furthermore, once you click to the high scores of your age bracket, you have the opportunity to bring forth the highest scores for any other age bracket through the use of a drop-down box. Similarly, you can display the highest scores for any occupation from your occupation highest score page. Note that clicking on any name on a high score list enables you to see both the details of that particular Performance and the profile of the member who obtained it.
    • Diary - enables you to monitor your Performance across any variables you so choose, e.g., time of day, hours of sleep, consumption of caffeine.
    • MegaStats - displays average scores by age, occupation and gender
    (all can be accessed from virtually every page on the site)
    • BrainMaster Challenge- seven exercises performed in sequence to derive your overall Brain Processing Power
    • BrainBoard - the place for members to trade tips and thoughts on brain training
    • Just for Fun - our totally unscientific comparison of how members with different preferences compare on our various exercises
    • 21-Day Basic Training - a program that provides you with a steady, structured progression of exercises designed to help you maximize your Brain Processing Power
    • Application-Specific Training - one-day programs to address specific needs, e.g., executive decision making, athletic performance
    • Exercise Groups - your opportunity to gather friends, relatives, co-workers, members with similar interests, etc. into your own private group to monitor performance and/or compete
    • My Account Activity - contains a detailed weekly and monthly analysis of your usage of the site and performance on the various exercises
    • BrainDiary - described in Exercise Home Pages section above
    • MegaStats - described in Exercise Home Pages section above

    Download this Guide in Word Format (23.5k)

    Download the Comprehensive Guide, Exercise Detail, plus FAQs in PDF Format (233k)

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