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    The Delos Institute, a research facility associated with the University of Texas and Open International University, conducted a month-long study using the internet-based MyBrainTrainer.com exercises and Pre/Post testing for IQ, cognitive efficiency and speed, and anxiety.

    50 subjects were randomly assigned to either treatment groups or control groups. Treatment groups were required to complete 21 sessions of MyBrainTrainer.com exercises and take the pre/post evaluations, whereas the control group only took the pre/post evaluations.

    Control and treatment groups averaged 14.5 years of education and 44 to 48 years of age.

    IQ testing was conducted using the Virtual Knowledge computer program. The treatment group demonstrated a 9 point increase in IQ as compared to a 1 point increase for the control group, a statistically significant result.

    Using the Integrated Visual and Auditory continuous performance test, similar changes were noted. The MyBrainTrainer.com treatment group demonstrated a 13% increase in cognitive efficiency and speed, whereas there was no change in the control subjects.

    The State Trait Anxiety Inventory was used to measure anxiety and stress. The MyBrainTrainer.com treatment group demonstrated a 10 point reduction on the STAI scale, suggesting reduced anxiety and stress, while no change was noted in the control subjects.

    All measures suggest a significance level of 1%--meaning that the odds of these results occurring by chance on any individual test is less than 1 in 100.

    It is the conclusion of this pilot study that in this population, the MyBrainTrainer.com exercises increased IQ, reduced anxiety, and improved cognitive efficiency and speed, as measured by the specific testing instruments employed. Whether these improvements will be sustained once training has ceased, and whether such improvements transfer to real-world everyday function are questions that may be addressed in future studies.

    Marshall D. Voris, Ed.D. Ph.D.
    June 16, 2003

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    Texas Study Shows MyBrainTrainer increases IQ, decreases anxiety, increases cognitive efficiency and speed!

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