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    Clinical Study Shows Nine Point Boost In IQ & Significantly Enhanced Cognitive Speed Among Regular Users Of MyBrainTrainer.com™

    MyBrainTrainer.com Tests Mental Acuity Of Bush Supporters Vs. Non-Supporters

    Non-Supporters Hold Marginal Lead As Site Re-Defines Concept of Left Brain/Right Brain

    Los Angeles, CA, July 6, 2005 - An inventive and respected web site called MyBrainTrainer.com (www.mybraintrainer.com) is helping bring new meaning to the concept of left brain and right brain thinking with a brand new mental acuity challenge lasting throughout the month of July, pitting supporters of President Bush against non-supporters. The new MyBrainTrainer face-off invites site visitors to register as either supporters of the President or non-supporters before undertaking a completely non-partisan test designed to gauge mental speed, cognitive function, and immediate memory.

    Though the numerous cognitive exercises on the MyBrainTrainer.com site were created based upon proven scientific research and with the input of medical experts, company founder Bruce C. Friedman is quick to offer that the new "right brain/left brain" political showdown is for fun only and was not designed to yield scientific results. Nevertheless, interested parties (political parties, in this case) may be heartened or disillusioned to learn that five days into the test Bush non-supporters are proving slightly more agile on the cerebral front.

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