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  • Reaction time measured in milliseconds

  • Daily, Monthly, and All-Time High Score pages

  • 21-Day Basic Training program

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  • BrainDiary

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    This executive function exercise, described in the instructions below, will determine your ability based on speed, accuracy, and concentration level.

    This exercise has been designed to improve the component of cognition that controls and manages higher-order cognitive processes.

    Enhanced executive function is absolutely vital to allowing us to navigate the challenges that life presents on a daily basis. Executive function provides the cognitive coordination that enables activities such as planning, problem-solving, error correction and troubleshooting, motivation, regulation of emotion, and abstract thinking.

    A colored figure (square, circle, star, triangle, etc.) will be presented on the first line of a two-line display. Next to this figure will be the word SHAPE or the word COLOR. On the second line of the display will be another colored figure. If the word on the first line is COLOR, then you must determine if the color of the figure on the second line matches the color of the figure on the first line. If the word on the first line is SHAPE, then you must determine if the shape of the figure on the second line matches the shape of the figure on the first line. If there is a match, press the RIGHT ARROW key on your keyboard. If there is not a match, press the LEFT ARROW key on your keyboard.

    You must respond correctly 20 times to complete the exercise.

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