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  • Reaction time measured in milliseconds

  • Daily, Monthly, and All-Time High Score pages

  • 21-Day Basic Training program

  • Application-Specific Training

  • BrainDiary

  • Unlimited exercise/play

  • Affiliate Program
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    The Affiliate Program gives you the opportunity to earn a commission simply by placing MyBrainTrainer advertising on your website. If you genuinely care about improving the cognitive health of others, then this is your opportunity to earn income while helping others improve their cognitive performance.

    We offer a 20% commission for every sale made to one of your referrals. Many MyBrainTrainer members are repeat customers and you'll receive recurring revenue from membership renewals.

    Fast Payments
    Checks are mailed monthly when your commissions total $100 or more. You can be assured you will be paid promptly and accurately. We understand that the more you earn, the more you will be inclined to promote. And, the more you promote, the more you will sell, and the more revenue we will all earn.

    Easy Sales Tracking
    We offer real time traffic and sales statistics for your convenience. To ensure that you're credited for every sale you refer, we have automatic cookie updating. The cookie tracks for 365 days and updates itself on each visit. This means that even if a customer returns 365 days after an initial purchase, you will still receive credit for the sale.

    Expert Promotions
    We provide banners in numerous sizes and shapes for you to place on your site.

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    MyBrainTrainer now offers a new fundraising approach for your organization. You keep 50% of all funds you collect!

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    Affiliate Program
    The MyBrainTrainer Affiliate Program now offers you the opportunity to earn a commission simply by placing MyBrainTrainer advertising on your website.

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    Texas Study Shows MyBrainTrainer increases IQ, decreases anxiety, increases cognitive efficiency and speed!

    “MBT helpful for learning disabilities and ADHD” says Marshall University H.E.L.P. Program

    MBT rated #1 by Slate.com

    Here's what some of our members have to say:
    Age Group: 13-19
    I've learned a lot about the brain over the last few years, and despite all the different methods of improving your intelligence ...
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    Age Group: 40-49
    I have recommended MyBrainTrainer to several younger clients who have issues with poor self-esteem ...
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    IT Professional
    Age Group: 30-39
    I am an IT professional from the island of Barbados, West Indies and these braintraining activities have helped me to develop and maintain my competitive edge.
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