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    A picture of the Developer Josh Reynolds, the author of 20/20 Brain Power. and the developer of ThinkFast, is widely regarded as the brain fitness guru of our time.
    Did you ever see those Charles Atlas ads from the 1950s, in which this skinny guy gets sand kicked in his face? The purpose of the ad, of course, was to get you to buy into Charlie's dynamic tension technique that promised to pump you up so no one would ever mess with you again.
    So what do you do when someone outsmarts you? When they mentally beat you to the draw? When they can remember jokes and trivia (let alone their car keys and names of friends) better than you can? When a younger associate comes across as quicker and brighter?
    If you want to build muscle power, then you go to a gym. Well, MyBrainTrainer.com is a gym for your brain. Only it's so much more convenient than a gym for your body - it's online. So you have no excuses now for not buffing up your brain, for not thinking faster and appearing smarter.
    A Quick Overview
    Yes, there is an art and a science to training a better brain. Braintraining means ramping up your brain's processing speed so you can read, organize, file, retrieve and act on information more quickly and efficiently. Braintraining also means improving your memory and learning capacity, as well as boosting your powers of attention, concentration and awareness.
    Additionally, braintraining results in faster physical reflexes and sharper visual discrimination. Just think what a mere 1/10 of one second improvement in reaction time would mean to you if you were facing a 90 mph serve on the tennis court, or if you were hurtling down the freeway at 60 mph (the latter means an additional 8.8 feet to avoid a tragic accident).
    Bottom line - a speedier brain makes quicker and better decisions, solves more problems, and wins more games. While knowledge, wisdom, and experience are important, they lose their impact when names, words and ideas get stuck on the tip of your tongue, or lost in a mental fog.
    So how do you get that speedier brain? Brain training will do the trick!!!
    The Physics of Braintraining
    In many ways, your brain acts very much like a muscle. First of all, they both use glucose and oxygen as fuel. Additionally, they both have neurons. The muscle cell contains the motor neuron, whose firing rate must be revved up to build muscle. This is typically accomplished with resistance training (weights and exercise machines). In fact, when motor neurons aren't adequately stimulated, muscles experience atrophy. Might it be the same with your brain?
    In the human brain, we have billions of neurons, connected via a communication network of axons and dendrites. And, sure enough, these brain cells need frequent stimulation. While you might think your neurons receive sufficient stimulation for optimal performance from your daily activities (including your work and reading), you would be mistaken. It would be similar to saying that you don't need to go to the gym to build up your arms and legs because, after all, you're constantly using your arms and legs in your daily activities. In fact, much of our thinking on a day-to-day basis is counter-productive - it creates stress and cortisol, the ugly stress hormone that eats away brain cells in our hippocampus (the learning and memory center of our brain).
    So, what type of mental activity stimulates the growth of new brain cells, as well as dendrites and axons? Traditionally, physicians and scientists have recommended the old standbys - crossword puzzles, playing bridge or chess, learning a foreign language, etc. Are these helpful? Absolutely. Are they optimal? Probably not.
    Brain Training the MyBrainTrainer Way
    MyBrainTrainer.com uses a set of highly interactive mental challenges called elementary cognitive tasks (ECTs) to stimulate your neurons to fire more rapidly and to generate more connections within your brain. ECTs also increase blood flow to the region of the brain being exercised, increase the number of neural receptors, and enhance the uptake and synthesis of neurotransmitters, especially those used by the brain to perform the specific cognitive task.
    MyBrainTrainer.com offers you various distinct brain exercise games that stimulate and train different parts of your brain. This is the cognitive equivalent of going to the gym to use Nautilus equipment that isolates and challenges specific muscles or muscle groups. And, in addition to the cognitive exercises being enjoyable, they will always remain challenging because the difficulty factor automatically increases as your brain processing speed increases.
    Why daily brain training?
    Daily Braintraining sessions of 10 minutes, ideally twice a day, have two effects. One is immediate. Increased blood flow to the various regions of your brain warm them up, infusing your central processor and learning and memory centers with more glucose, oxygen and vital amino acids for enhanced neurotransmitter action. This means you can use brain training as a brain tune-up, to get ready for a meeting, sales call, work session, exam, brainstorming session, or whatever. We all know the benefit of warming up before beginning physical exertion. The concept for mental exertion is exactly the same.
    The second effect is more long-term - building new connections, creating new pathways for the regions of your brain to communicate with each other faster and more efficiently.
    21 Day Proof
    Approximately 5,000 braintrainers using this brain speed training technology pounded away on their keyboards once or twice per day. After about 30-40 sessions, estimated to be somewhere between 3-4 weeks brain training time, the improvement in speed was quite dramatic as shown in the graph below. Cognitive tasks that took 540 milliseconds before training took only 410 milliseconds after training (a 24% improvement)!
    Brain Speed Improvement Chart image
    What's more, testimonials from hundreds of these budding braintraners were equally impressive - better performance in the classroom, the boardroom and the ball field!!!
    In summary, MyBrainTrainer.com will give you that edge you've always been seeking. More speed, more focus, more mental clarity, more productivity. You'll never think the same way again®.
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